Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening

In a world where first impressions are everything, your smile is extremely important, as it is often the first thing people notice about you. Stained or discoloured teeth can make you feel very self-conscious and force you to change the way to talk and laugh. However, teeth whitening can break down stains and greatly improve the colour of your teeth, giving you much more confidence and even a more youthful appearance. What was once a treatment reserved for Hollywood celebrities, is now accessible to everyone – many people from all walks of life now turn to teeth whitening to give them a radiant and gleaming smile.
Here at Downing Dental, we can offer you a range of teeth whitening treatments depending on the current colour of your teeth and your desired end results. We understand that teeth can become stained easily with vices such as coffee, red wine and smoking regularly, but our treatment – despite being highly effective on this type of staining – are gentle on the teeth and leaving you beaming with pride for your new smile.


What is teeth whitening?

The process of whitening your teeth can be done using several methods. The most commonly used is often referred to as “tray whitening” or bleaching. Over the course of a few weeks, your dentist will take a mould of your teeth and gums and create a tray that fits perfectly over your teeth. This tray can then be filled with a strong solution of whitening gel and then slipped over your teeth. When the solution is in contact with your teeth, it breaks down the colour that is staining your teeth and gradually lightens your teeth in the process. This tray should be kept on from 4-6 hours per day or overnight, depending on the level of discolouration and desired results.
Another method often used is laser whitening, which involves a bleaching product being painted onto the teeth and a special light shone on them to activate the chemicals in the bleaching products. This works by breaking down the discolouration and whitening the teeth more quickly.

Why chose Downing Dental?

Because we always use the latest technologies and most innovative treatment methods, Downing Dental are always one step ahead of the competition. We carefully research the latest developments in dentistry and keep our ear to the ground for new developments in teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry in general to ensure we’re able to offer a top notch teeth whitening service that works on even the most discoloured teeth.
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